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How do Airport Transfers / Fishing Location Transfers work?

♦ You are coming from DUBLIN airport 

2 bus companies are at your disposal, located just in front of the airport:  

  • Eiream Bus
  • J Cavanagh

to drop you off in the city of Nenagh, where I will wait for you to take you to your accommodation. 

Eireann Expressway bus


Meeting place:

Atrium Rd Zone 12 (towards Nenagh Axa > pronounce Nina)

Timetable: departe from the airport - arrival in Nenagh : 
Departure: 6:00 am - Arrival: 8:35 am
Departure: 8:00 am - Arrival: 10:35 am
Départ : 10:00 am - Arrival: 12:35 pm
Departure: 12:00 pm - Arrival: 2:35 pm
Departure: 2:00 pm - Arrival: 4:35 pm
Departure: 4:00 pm - Arrival: 6:35 pm
Departure: 6:00 pm - Arrival: 8:35 pm
Departure: 8:00 pm - Arrival: 11:35 pm

Timetable: departure from Nenagh - Arrival at the Airport: 
Departure: 8:35 am - Arrivée : 11:00 am
Departure: 10:35 am - Arrivée : 1:00 pm
Departure: 12:35 pm - Arrival: 3:00 pm
Departure: 2:35 pm - Arrival: 5:00 pm
Departure: 4:35 pm - Arrival: 7:00 pm
Departure: 6:35 pm - Arrival: 9:00 pm
Departure: 9:35 pm - Arrival: 0:00 am

These schedules are given for information only: check the carrier's website for confirmation and booking.

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