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Pike fishing in Ireland on the Derg and Shannon rivers

Pike fishing in Ireland on the Derg and Shannon rivers with Peche Irlande Passion

On the Lough Derg

This very large lake, rich in trophy fish, will delight you with its beauty and vastness.

The quality and size of the pike present is out of the ordinary. Many fishermen who have had fishing experiences in other countries (Sweden, Norway...) are amazed by the size of the pike and their fighting spirit.

Fishing is a hunt as we look for the spot pikes ll b active, a constant attention because it only takes one touch to catch the fish of "his life".

In order to catch these beautiful specimens, you will have in your possession rods and reels adapted to cast large lures, jerk bait between 60 and 100 grams, as well to troll, lures up to 200-250 grams.

My experience on the techniques to be used and the different animations according to the lures used, will bring you, for those who do not know, a technical asset for pike fishing, and will allow you to leave with another vision of pike fishing and especially on the hunt of large specimens.

pike fishing in Ireland with Peche Ireland Passion on the river Shannon

On the Shannon River

A very rich environment that offers us very productive fishing days, we regularly encounter concentrations of fish in small areas, if we are lucky enough to find one of its areas, it can quickly be madness.

50-100 meters wide, reed beds line this magical river, with very long drifts, fishing is more precise because you often have to put your lure low to the edge.

The lures used are identical to those used on the Lough Derg.
Ireland destination for big pike fishing

Ireland destination for big pike fishing

Ireland, a popular destination for tracking large pike
The Shannon Fishing Area is one of the most important fishing areas in Ireland, ideal for your fishing trip.

Pike grow in the vast, calm waters, feeding on large stocks of roach, bream and perch.

Irish pike grow faster than their continental counterparts because of the habitat that suits them perfectly and the richness of bait fish.
It is only after its 5th year that a pike can reach 9kg and 1kg in its 7th year.
In addition, No-Kill is required and is applied by all local guides. Everything is in place to ensure that its population progresses as well as possible and that the record pikes can once again delight fishermen.

However, fishing remains as it is everywhere, and fish activity is strongly influenced by weather conditions. 

Terryglass your pike fishing spot with Peche Irlande Passion

Terryglas, your pike fishing spot

A village ideally located for pike fishing.

This small typical village with painted houses of all colours and unmissable pubs will seduce you with its beauty and authenticity. At the beginning of the Lough Derg, it provides direct access to the water and the Shannon River. This place offers you fabulous fishing opportunities with an extraordinary diversity and fishing potential.


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